Umunna: The team seeking to change our broken politics and offer a proper alternative

1 March 2019

Following on from their inaugural meeting earlier this week, The Independent Group have agreed that, for this next phase, colleagues will cover these roles and responsibilities on an interim basis (listed in alphabetical order):

Heidi Allen – Welfare and pensions, social care, and business
Luciana Berger – Home affairs, health, and digital and culture
Ann Coffey – Children and education
Mike Gapes – Foreign affairs and defence
Chris Leslie – Treasury and trade
Joan Ryan – Group business manager, and international development
Gavin Shuker – Group convenor
Angela Smith – Transport, local government and housing, and energy, environment and rural affairs
Anna Soubry – Brexit and justice (and assisting on defence)
Chuka Umunna – Group spokesperson, Cabinet Office, and government policy coordination
Sarah Wollaston – New colleagues

Commenting on this next step for The Independent Group, Group Spokesperson Chuka Umunna MP said:

“Our team is diverse and drawn from different backgrounds, including a former teacher, social worker, lecturer, entrepreneur, solicitor and GP. We intend to draw on all the talents and experiences of our group, as we seek to change politics and give the British people a proper alternative to the broken politics being offered by the main political parties.

“We are not a political party and therefore do not have a leader, but the roles and responsibilities we have assigned recognise that all the members of our group have the right to be heard and a responsibility to provide leadership. Our structure is designed to be flexible to accommodate any changes as the group evolves and grows.”


For further information or media bids please contact:

Stuart Macnaughtan on 07930 164 897 or [email protected]
Rob Newman on 07769 934 008 or [email protected]

Notes to editors:

  1. Chuka Umunna, the Group’s spokesperson, is the Member of Parliament for Streatham. Chuka is a leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign. He also chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration, which aims to find ways of bringing our different communities together.
  2. With regard to other Group roles:
    - The Group convenor organises meetings, coordinates agendas and circulates minutes to support the work of the whole Group.
    - The role relating to new colleagues is to overseeing the process of new members joining the Group.
  3. More information on The Independent Group is available at our website:
  4. You can follow The Independent Group on Twitter: @TheIndGroup