Soubry: Karen Bradley does not appear to have a basic understanding of the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Her position is untenable

8 March 2019

Commenting on the remarks of the Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and deaths caused by British soldiers, The Independent Group MP, and former Defence Minister, Anna Soubry said:

“In 2010 the British Government accepted the Saville Inquiry’s findings into what’s known as Bloody Sunday. The then-Prime Minister, David Cameron, told Parliament that the killing of 14 unarmed civilians by British soldiers was ‘unjustified & unjustifiable... what happened should never, ever have happened’. On behalf of the British Government he apologised and said that he was ‘deeply, deeply sorry’.

“Karen has shown that she does not have the most basic understanding of the history of Northern Ireland. The overwhelming majority of people who were killed in the Troubles were murdered by paramilitary terrorists. The overwhelming majority of British soldiers carried out their incredibly difficult duties with honour and professionalism. But, as in all conflicts, there are some who behave without honour or legitimacy and it’s important to recognise that that happened in Northern Ireland. Peace and reconciliation requires honesty in relation to wrong doing.

“I have always had a great deal of time for Karen, and like her a lot, but she has lost the confidence of people in Northern Ireland and I believe her position as Secretary of State is now untenable. Karen should do the right thing and resign.”


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  1. Anna Soubry MP is the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe. She is a former Defence Minister, and sits on both the Women & Equalities and Work & Pensions Select Committees of the House of Commons.
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