Time to decide on Brexit

Time to decide on Brexit

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We call upon Members of Parliament to put aside party interests, put the country first, and support The Independent Group’s call for an extension to Article 50 and a People’s Vote.

The time has come for us to decide – and stop this disastrous process.

The House of Commons has voted against Theresa May’s deal – twice – and has voted to rule out a catastrophic ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Parliament must now instruct the Prime Minister to seek an extension of Article 50 so that MPs can settle the terms of a People’s Vote as soon as possible, with a referendum no later than 30th September 2019.

If the other EU countries do not agree to extend Article 50 at the forthcoming European Council on 21st March, then the Prime Minister should give MPs the chance to revoke Article 50 in order to have the People’s Vote.

This will settle the matter once and for all, with a clear decision about whether the UK exits the European Union on terms agreed by Parliament, or whether we stay as a member of the EU.

This will provide the certainty our country desperately needs.

The leaderships of our political parties have let the country down. The British people must now be put fully in control of our country’s future, rather than continuing with this damaging and dangerous state of limbo.

We believe that now is the #timetodecide.


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