Politics is broken.
Let’s change it.

There is a different way.

To change our broken politics, we need a different culture. The Independent Group aims to reach across outdated divides and tackle Britain’s problems together.

We all have the right to be heard. We can all make a difference. Sign up today to find out how you can join this movement for change and bring hope back to the country.

Our country faces enormous challenges.

Brexit has exposed all that is wrong with today’s political parties. But our country faces challenges that go deeper than Brexit. Our economy is underperforming. Too many of us live in poverty, or struggle to make ends meet. While our society ages, many of us are worrying about how we will look after our families. Crime is on the rise. Our place in the world is uncertain and the risks to our environment are growing.

The Conservatives are captured by their right-wing, Labour by their hard left, and all put their own party interests before what is best for the country.

It’s time we changed our old-fashioned politics for politics fit for the 21st century.

Don’t give up in the face of messy, frustrating politics. Join us and help change our broken politics for the better.